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We see the negative impact of COVID-19 on employees' wellbeing
and are happy to offer the best solution in the market
We see the negative impact of COVID-19 on employees' wellbeing
and are happy to offer the best solution in the market

Main Features

of the Virgin Pulse Solution

  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Tracking devices & Apps
  • Step challenges
  • Healthy habit challenges
  • Habit tracking
  • Daily Cards
  • Health Journeys
  • Step converter
  • Personal challenges
  • Peer-to-Peer challenges
  • Sleep & nutricion guides
  • Program analytics
  • Social connections
  • Member communications
  • Participation support

Main Employee Wellbeing Goals

of the "Employee Wellbeing in COVID-19 times" Solution


Increased Physical Power

Employees are more active, maintain the body, find a healthy weight, mind the metabolism and eat a healthy diet

Stronger Mental Power

Employees connect with colleagues, are physically more active, learn better, are more social and mindful

Better Social Connection

Employees connect with colleagues, show activity among friends and join groups based on interests

More Balanced Work/Life

A plan covering the goal, the approach, the roles & responsibilities and the calender

What we offer


Virgin Pulse GO implementation

Implementation advise for the Virgin Pulse GO platform

Virgin Pulse GO platform

An online corporate health program delivered through a web and mobile platform

Health and wellbeing consulting

Coaching and guidance to drive employees' health and wellbeing

Partner in Employee Wellbeing

Virgin Pulse, founded in 2004 as part of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, designs technology that cultivates good lifestyle habits for your employees. Configured to complement your culture, our technology, and the overall wellbeing experience we deliver, drives superior outcomes for your people and your business.

Our Employee Wellbeing inspiration

from the success stories of Virgin Pulse


"70% of our workforce signed up for the program - we were blown away by this level of interest in the area of health and wellbeing."

Romke Noordhuis - Lead Country Manager Budapest

Northern Light Health

"I think Virgin Pulse is doing such an incredible job of helping people to realize that wellbeing is a whole person."

Elizabeth C., Wellness Specialist
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